Getting back in the air
April 20, 2018
On the other side of your radio
On the other side of your radio
May 18, 2018

What does any pilot read every day? Apparently, the answer would almost certainly be, AFORS, or Aircraft for Sale, irrespective of whether they own a plane already. No wonder then that there are so many syndicates, but what should you be looking for when you choose one?

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Does this all sound like a load of fun, but you’re not quite sure where to begin? Two Two Fly offers trial flights so people can experience all the thrill of flying for themselves, before signing up for a full course. It’s a great option as a gift for that special person who has a big birthday coming up, or seems to have it all. Flights can either be at the Stoke Medway Airfield in Kent or at Little Gransden in Cambridgeshire. They last an hour and will give you a good idea of whether flying is for you. There are also options of flying over castles and historic homesteads, like Leeds Castle and Wimpole Hall, and seeing first-hand some of the fascinating history of Britain’s WWII airfields like Duxford.

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