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Right Rudder!: Learning to fly - from dream to realityEver since he was a young boy, Mike Pelling was fascinated by aeroplanes, and dreamed of one day learning to fly. At the age of 42, his dream finally became a reality, when he gained his National Private Pilot’s Licence after training in microlights – and later bought his own aircraft. This entertaining and informative book charts Mike’s personal journey from novice flier to qualified pilot – and the highs and lows along the way.

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Two Two Fly
Two Two Fly
Hi All, please note that I have suspended/stopped use of the new booking system and will be starting a new new 😉 booking system. I hope it will be in place by Monday the 26th April 2021. The team and I have been busy last and this week and we have done a number of check flight for people as well as lesson. Thank all remember tomorrow is St Georges Day on of the many reasons I have to party 😄. Next Zoom meeting 6th May 2021.
Two Two Fly
Two Two Fly
Good Meeting last night thank to all attending here is some links:

John Teesdale Presentation to instructors on You Tube link

Via Two Two Fly Websites site met office User Gregoryburns PW Twotwofly@1

I think we can all achieve a Bronze by July?

Bronze Award requirements
• Hold licence entitling you to act as Pilot in command of a Microlight within UK airspace.
• Have completed one of the Safety achievements within 24 months of the award application.
• Have completed a cross country flight (after 14/02/2019) of at least 100nm to a predetermined plan with at least one landing at another airfield in a single day.

Silver Award requirements
• Hold a BMAA Bronze Award.
• Hold a UK FRTOL (Radio Operator’s Licence).
• Have completed a cross country flight (after 14/02/2019) of at least 200nm to a predetermined plan with at least two landings at two other airfields in a single day.
• Have completed a Safety achievement (not used for the Bronze award) within 24 months of the award application.
• Have completed one Flight Skill or Education achievement within the previous 24 months.

Application Form for Bronze award

UK Airfield Info

What our customers say?

What Existing Customers Say About TwoTwoFly and why they love it

Yesterday you introduced me to micro-lights and on reflection I can only think how caring and professional you were. More than that, you took time, trouble and effort to make sure I got the most from the experience that I could. For me it was a pretty awesome experience I did want to drop you a line to thank you very sincerely.

Terry Llewellyn

Learning to fly is truly putting your life in the hands of an expert. Greg has not only shown his skill as a highly accomplished and skilful pilot but is able to motivate and inspire through his passion and dedication to his students. Greg has developed a huge network in the world of Microlight flying attracting accolades, recommendations and admiration from his peers as well as his students. Greg’s tenacity and integrity shows in his teaching and his charisma shows in his capacity to make an exciting experience addictive fun.

Nigel Cowdery

Greg is an inspirational and dedicated professional, with a larger than life character that is balanced with a focused determination to achieve what ever goal is targeted.

Ian Bailey, Great Hadham Golf & Country Club

Just a quick email to say thanks and how fantastic the training flight was. Your skill at instructing is perfect in every way and manages to instil confidence and takeaway any worries that may arise.

Greg Ruthven