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March 8, 2017
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TwoTwoFly Pilots Headset


Lovely Two Two Fly Branded Pilots Headset

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For fixed wing aircraft

The textured outer ear-cup with a black textured inner ear cup gives the headset a very distinguished look. The new unit can be used with mono or stereo intercoms and provides the user with hi-fidelity stereo sound while providing the comfort and noise protection required by today’s demanding general aviation pilot. The headset is outfitted with a noise cancelling electret microphone, metal-flex microphone boom and weighs only 15.2 ounces. A dynamic Mic version of this headset is also available at the same price.


Mono or stereo capability
Noise cancelling electret mic windscreen
Supercushion headpad (liquid gel filled)
Metal-Flex sliding mic boom
Ratcheting mic boom adjustment
Hand adjustable knurled knobs
Individual ear volume controls
Textured ear cup
Dual detent volume controls
Triple-plated chrome hardware
Vibration proof circuit board
Nickel-plated PJ-055/J-068 plugs
Wired in parallel for reliability
Three Year Unconditional Warranty
Weight 431 grams

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